Designing your own garden room is an exciting process. You can create a space purely designed for you, for your wants, your needs and all of your desires. For some, it is an eager challenge to decorate their new space, but for the majority of us, it can be incredibly daunting. Which colour scheme should you have? How do you decorate a multi-purpose room? What furniture do you want and where?

Decide on the purpose of your garden room

To begin with, you need to decide on the purpose of your bespoke garden room, whether that be a home gym, an annexe or an office space. Through deciding the purpose of the space, you can then decorate to your needs. There will be a big difference in how to decorate your space depending on if it is for yourself, or if other people will be using the space. Here are our top tips when decorating your garden room, no matter who is enjoying it!

Garden room office pod in Essex

Typically, if you are using your garden room as a garden room office – workspaces should always be underneath the most brightly lit part of the room which is not under direct sunlight. Placing your desk next to a window or close to the glass-panelled doors can achieve this well. For a garden office, it is good to incorporate an area that you can take a break in, like a sofa seat or small kitchen area in which you can make yourself a hot drink. If your office is going to be used for conference meetings, then keep the decoration to a minimal, opting for minimalistic abstract artwork which does not have a central focus point. This way, your attendees will not get distracted when discussing important matters.

Decorating tips for garden room annexes

If your Hawksbeck garden room is going to be an annexe or AirBnb, you can get more creative with your interior design. You can make your new space cosy by using a darker colour scheme and using bigger furniture, with throws and cushions on the furniture. In winter months, warm lighting and using fairy lights near windows and doors can create a magical ambience in your garden room that guests can escape inside. Equally, picking a theme can be useful when creating a space for someone else, for example a seaside theme. You can tailor all of your furnishing choices around this theme and decorate using colours associated to it. This keeps your annexe generic but well-decorated for guests that will stay there, so it can suit any guest you may have.

Garden Annex Bedroom

Of course, if your garden room is being turned into a gym area, most of your decorating will be with equipment. However, you can make your gym more dramatic and focused by using dark colours and using lots of mirrors. This will make your garden room seem much bigger and help you to focus on your performance. Simplicity is key for rooms that require focus and concentration, whether that is a gym or an office!

Bespoke design garden room gym

No matter how you decorate your garden room, it is a space that will allow you to work, play, workout or relax in for many years with a minimum life span of 60 years. If you are interested in your own bespoke garden room, contact Hawksbeck Garden Rooms today to enquire about our high-quality, bespoke garden room options.