Looking for ways to help soften the cost-of-living crisis? Then a fully insulated garden room could be the answer you’re looking for.

It’s that time of year once again, the nights are slowly starting to draw in and autumn’s bitter chill is right around the corner. It’s no secret that we are all looking for ways to save on our energy bills this winter season because of the looming cost-of-living crisis that has resulted in unprecedented and unpredictable spikes to our energy bills.

What are the benefits of having a fully insulated garden room?

If you are considering expanding the space you have at home with a garden room or a garden office, then it is important to check the construction methods used by any provider you choose. Garden rooms can be constructed using various methods such as timber or blockwork and all will vary dramatically on how well they are insulated.

The main benefit of a completely insulated garden room is that they will keep your garden room cool during the summer months, but cosy and warm during Britain’s bleak winters. Whether you use your garden room for work, leisure or as a guest annexe, Hawksbeck understand the importance of keeping your luxury garden room space usable all year round.  Our superior insulation methods ensure your garden room is always fit for function and purpose, as well as making your garden room a worthwhile investment.

Another benefit of having the best insulated garden room possible, is that you will never get that cold garage feeling and will overall use less energy heating or cooling the space, substantially cutting down on energy bills. Hawksbeck’s innovative SIP’s (Structurally Insulated Panels) ensure that you always get that inviting, cosy feeling every time you step inside your garden room. Hawkbeck garden rooms are the perfect temperature to snuggle up in with loved ones and to watch the winter elements pass by, through the comfort and warmth of an insulated space and floor to ceiling bi-folding doors.

Luxury garden room
Small garden studio Essex window

How do Hawksbeck create the best insulated garden rooms?

We believe your garden room should never be too cold or too hot and understand there is nothing worse than feeling like your garden room isn’t holding heat, especially with sky rocketing energy bill prices now.  Therefore, at Hawksbeck garden rooms, we pride ourselves on using the very best state-of-the-art construction methods and materials to ensure your garden room is a worthwhile investment every day of the year, no matter the season.

One construction method Hawksbeck use to ensure your space stays insulated is through Thermal Bridging. All Hawksbecks garden rooms are built using SIPS, which have an insulated core, which virtually eliminates thermal/cold bridging, this improves the thermal efficiency of our garden rooms, compared to traditional timber frame studs, which are commonly used in non-hawksbeck garden rooms. This makes Hawksbeck garden rooms, not only one of a kind but also a key innovator, driving change within the construction of the best insulated garden rooms. A garden room from Hawksbeck also meets building control standards, providing peace of mind that our garden rooms are of high quality and stand the test of time.

Are you considering a fully insulated garden room that you can use all year round? We are pioneers in our industry and create only the most luxurious and bespoke fully insulated garden rooms with the best materials on the market. Get in touch for your free site survey today on 01277 414586 or email us at info@hawksbeck.co.uk.