All of us can agree that the past year has been incredibly difficult. The pandemic has kept us locked up in our homes day in, day out, for much longer than we ever thought we would be. However, following recent Government announcements, the end could be in sight and it is fair to say we are all excited to have some normality back in our lives. The end of the pandemic will be marked with plenty of gatherings, parties and hugging our loved ones after one long and lonely year without them.

For many, hosting family and friends will not be as easy as we all hope, with small living spaces and rooms that limit the number of guests you can have round. A garden room can take away this issue for you, giving you the perfect entertaining space in your garden. Whether you want to create your own personal bar area to host from, or simply just have an outdoor annexe that people can mingle in and use the facilities of, a garden room is the perfect hosting space.

Nothing is off limits when it comes to designing your garden room, you can have any type of room you like. If you want to throw cocktail nights and dinner parties, you can have a kitchen installed in your garden room. If you prefer to celebrate a little more calmly, you can have a cinema room or hosting space with a pool table and built-in speakers. The best feature of a garden room is that you can adapt it and change it in any way you like, changing rooms into what you need them to be, when you need them. A garden room can be a great office in the daytime, and party space in the evening!

Of course, it isn’t just the party that a garden room is great for. If your guests need to stay over, our garden rooms are built to be lived in, and your guests can stay for as long as you allow. There are many crafty storage options for transforming a bedroom into a comfy entertaining space or opening up your garden room to a patio outside for some alfresco dining in the morning.

In the possible event this pandemic goes on for longer still, your garden room can still be used by you and your family to take a break from your home. Treat your garden room like a luxury hotel space, taking a break from the repetitive nature of lockdown and spending a weekend ‘away’ with your partner. You can have a shower room or bathroom in your garden room too, so you can have your own spa break right in the comfort of your home.

Whichever way you celebrate the end of this crazy pandemic (or enjoy the last remaining months of peace and quiet!) a bespoke Hawksbeck Garden Room could be perfect for you. Call Hawksbeck today on 01277 414586 to arrange your free site survey now.