Multi-room garden buildings are growing popular in Essex and surrounding areas in the UK! They are fantastic and luxurious outdoor rooms that can enhance your garden and add value to your property. They are designed with purpose in mind and are versatile, making them perfect for the whole family! Whether you enjoy the arts, like to host, or simply need a place to relax for a little, they can be whatever you make of them. Multi-room garden rooms have a huge positive impact on the whole family and balance both indoor and outdoor living perfectly.

Family Garden Rooms

A family garden room is ideal for relaxing with family and friends in a casual, more welcoming setting than a living room, which has become more formal and used to entertain. Family rooms are often child-friendly and carry a more relaxed-feeling, but this doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish, beautiful, and luxurious. Family rooms can include televisions for games or watching TV, a games table, such as a pool or air hockey or an open space for younger children to play with toys. However, to accommodate for the family, a multifunctional garden room must include space, which can be utilised with a stylish coffee bar, seating, and a bathroom so you can always keep an eye on your children without having to go back to the house.

An Outdoor Gym or Hobby Space

Multi-room garden rooms are amazing spaces to work out or practise your passion. Perhaps you find your muse surrounded by nature? Or maybe working out in the convenience of your own home makes you push yourself one level harder on the treadmill? Whether you are covered in paint or sweat, having a bathroom within the same garden building as your gym or hobby room is not only very convenient but also saves time and stops the risk of muddying the inside of your house whilst you move from room to room. Garden room bathrooms are built with toilets, heating, and showers if required.  With a multi-room garden room, you can really make it a bespoke place, tailored to you and your hobbies without worrying about the rest of your home.

Multi-Room Garden Buildings Bar in Essex
Multi-Room Garden Buildings Essex

Garden Rooms for Hosting

Multi-room garden rooms from Hawksbeck are luxurious, with a number of bespoke rooms that meet planning permission and building regulations, making them safe to sleep or socialise in. If you are hosting guests and need a spare bedroom or a place to entertain, then a garden building is the perfect answer! Hawksbeck garden rooms are built with superior insulation methods, making them the perfect summer retreat!

Why Choose Hawksbeck for your Multi-Room Garden Building?

We can build multi-room garden buildings in Essex or surrounding areas, and with our ten years of insurance, backed warranty and strong green credentials, Hawksbeck Garden Rooms are the perfect solution to adding value to your property. We will provide you with a luxurious garden room which is fully bespoke and signed off to building control standards. With zero maintenance and a full turn-key service, why settle for any less than a Hawksbeck multifunctional garden room? We can build and install a multi-room garden building on your property in Essex or the surrounding area,


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