Over the last couple of months, the Hawksbeck team have been working hard to develop our next stage of premium customer experience for our clients. We are the first garden room company in the industry to have our own Virtual Showroom, where you can explore our garden room products in your garden space. Using augmented reality technology (AR), we bring you an experience like no other.

We understand that investing large amounts of money in a product that needs to be designed and constructed can be a big commitment. Many of our clients wonder how their garden room is going to look and how big it will feel on the inside. We wanted to be able to do more than just answer these questions, we wanted to give our clients an accurate understanding of all aspects of their garden room. So, we created detailed 3D garden rooms for you to explore using your phone or tablet, that will come alive in your garden space!

But what is augmented reality technology? Many people have heard of virtual reality, where your vision is replaced by a new scenario or imagery. Augmented reality is like this; however, it does not replace your vision, it adds to it! For example, virtual reality would be putting on a headset that has a pre-made representation of a garden room in a generic garden space. You would then look at the space around you and not see any of your natural environment, only the fake environment. Augmented reality does not need a headset, and it uses the environment around you to integrate the garden room into your space.

You can change the size of your garden room, where it is sat in your garden, and browse through each type of our garden rooms. You can walk into your garden room and look around your chosen garden room through your phone or tablet, seeing how it feels and fits in your garden. You can take pictures of your garden room and compare how each type of garden room looks in your garden space. Feel free to invite your friends’ round to see what they think and include them in the decision-making for your garden room!

At Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, there are six bespoke garden rooms for you to choose from, which vary in size and price and are designed completely to your preferences. Our Classic range is great for smaller gardens and offers the space for a new room with an ensuite or storage area. The Modern collection features a beautiful porch, which you can walk through in our virtual showroom. The Heritage range has a rectangular design and pitched roof that you can experience and feel using our AR technology. Finally, the Ultimate Garden Room is truly stunning, and worth trying out using our AR technology before committing. See how your garden room looks and feels in your garden, effectively trying it before you buy it!

We are both excited and proud to be able to deliver our Virtual Showroom to our potential customers and clients, showcasing the care we put into the Hawksbeck customer experience.

Are you considering a Hawksbeck Garden Room? Call the Hawksbeck team today on 01277 414 586 or visit our Virtual Showroom now!