Whether you are a self-employed freelancer, are working from home or you want to run your business from home in an outdoor office for your employees, there are design aspects to consider. As well as the aesthetic look of your outdoor office building, it is also vital to think about health and safety for employees, but also for yourself.

Heating and Air Conditioning

In warmer weather, working within an outdoor office can get tough when using a garden room office that is detached from the rest of your home. Ventilation must be considered in the very early stages of designing and this can come in the form of windows, doors and even air conditioning.

Incorporating each of these into the design and build of your outdoor office building will ensure employee health and safety needs are met, which is vital for a happy and safe office.

The same should be considered for heating. The team at Hawksbeck Garden Rooms have installed many air conditioning units and electric radiators for a variety of outdoor office building projects. This ensures you and/or your employees are feeling comfortable all year round!

Bathrooms, toilets and Kitchenettes

Not only is appropriate heating and cooling a must in a home garden office but so is an area for a lunch break and a cup of tea. Kitchenettes are great for this, as they are small, but are large enough to hold the necessities such as a sink, a toaster, a kettle and even a microwave!

Bathrooms are important to ensure you are not distracting yourself by taking the time to walk back into your home, but if you have employees, it is also important to keep them from wandering inside your home. In some cases, we have even installed extractor fans within garden office buildings to keep the air of high quality and reduce possible condensation.

Installing bathrooms, toilets and kitchens in outdoor office buildings requires plumbing. We understand that trying to contact a tradesman can be difficult and costly. That’s why we offer a full turnkey service! We make sure everything is connected, safe and ready to use in your outdoor office building.

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Electrics and Internet

Because of the amount of electrical equipment that will be needed in outdoor office buildings, considering connectivity is a necessity. We hard wire armoured Cat6 cables from our client’s internet router to their outdoor office building and use armoured cabling from the consumer unit within our client’s house to the unit within their outdoor office.

This ensures there is electricity flowing from the home to the garden room so all the electrical equipment such as computers and kettles can be used, as well as the internet and any other media options.

Garden Office Aesthetics

All our garden rooms are bespoke, meaning our clients choose the type of door, windows, cladding, size, and shape. We always listen to our clients and create our garden rooms based on their needs and requirements. However, decorating the interior of your outdoor garden office is completely up to you! Whether you want a timeless and classic white office look, or you want to reflect your business in your office design with paintings, coloured walls and funky decorate tables and chairs. This would be especially creative for a freelancer who specialises in art or works from home.

With a Hawksbeck garden room, both the interior and exterior are completely up to you!

Are you looking to have your own outdoor office building? We create bespoke and luxurious garden rooms with a 10-year guarantee which means our garden rooms grow and evolve as you do! You might not want your garden room to be an office forever, so you can easily change your garden space into whatever you need it to be.

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