One of the many reasons our clients buy our bespoke and luxurious garden room buildings is because not only are they suitable all year round and have a lifetime, but also because they grow with you and can be turned into anything you need at any given point in time.

There are lots of valid reasons to have your garden room soundproofed.

For example, you may be a musician and need to practise for an upcoming gig, or your children may need to practise instruments for school. Another reason you might need a soundproofed garden room is to host parties with family and friends without disturbing the neighbours!

What is the soundproofing process?

Adding a sound-absorbing acoustic material inside your garden room building’s walls during construction is one way in which you can soundproof your garden room. However, there are other materials you can use, such as using drywall, plasterboard, MDF boards, acoustic wall and ceiling panels as well as acoustic wall insulation.

What else in your garden room can be soundproofed?

As well as soundproofing walls, it is very important to consider soundproofing other areas, such as windows, doors, and seals. Double glazing is a great option, but even better would be triple glazing as this ensures there will be little-to-no leakage of sound. Another vital sound absorption tip to remember would be to seal your windows and doors. Not only does it help to soundproof your garden room but sealing also prevents damp and drafts from entering your garden building. Do not overlook seals when soundproofing your garden room building, as the expense paid may be wasted if the sound was to leak out in overlooked areas.

Lastly, sound can leak out from underneath your garden room, so don’t forget both your roof and floor!

Soundproof Garden Room
Soundproof Garden Room

Remember furnishings!

If your soundproofed garden room is left without furnishings, you may find that sounds may echo and travel around the garden room. The best most simple, fun, and creative way to tackle this issue is to decorate! Curtains and furniture absorb noise and perhaps one of the best furnishings to invest in would be rugs! Rugs cushion the feet and avoid footsteps echoing throughout the room. You don’t have to go overboard but include enough furnishings to soak up the noise from inside the garden studio building. You can always look at our Instagram for more inspiration!

What are some soft furnishing ideas?

As discussed, furnishings are a fun and expressive way to help soak up sound, but instead of investing in hard furnishings such as wooden coffee tables and chairs, think about soft furnishings like velvet chairs and stools. Noise reverberates off hard surfaces so if you can reduce the number of hard surfaces, you can reduce the noise to a certain degree. Another expressive soft furnishing would be wall hangings. There are so many different options with these, and something is there for everybody! Whether you like tapestries, garlands, or fabric wall arts.

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