We all want to use the best materials in our products, whether that’s due to safety, structural integrity, or for many other reasons. The last thing we want to experience as a supplier, is finding that something isn’t right during installation or, for you as a consumer, that your garden room build is delayed or has problems further down the line.

But how do we ensure that the building products used for our garden rooms or materials and supplies are suitable? Will they offer the added safety, strength, or results that we expect? Have they been tested properly and not just under set conditions from the manufacturer? And will they continue to last for the lifetime of the building?

All of these elements are extremely important to Hawksbeck and the many garden rooms, annexes and studios that we design and build for our clients. In this blog we will be discussing the importance of BBA, what it stands for and why it is important for our garden rooms.

What is the BBA and BBA approval?

BBA stands for British Board of Agrément and is a certification within the construction industry, indicating a high quality, experienced and reliable company or product. The BBA status is highly regarded and used by manufacturers in the industry as a symbol of superiority.  The BBA certificate demonstrates that the company complies with rigorous national and European standards for its production and delivery of a certified product. All tests carried out by the BBA are independent of the manufacturer, providing assurance for our clients.

The BBA, however, goes further than just testing a product. What happens if post-certification standards drop or something changes within the process? Well, the BBA has one of the industry’s most comprehensive auditing and inspection services, adding that additional peace of mind that the product will continue to meet the standards we expect at Hawksbeck.

Why is the BBA approval important for Hawksbeck?

Hawksbeck has a key set of fundamental beliefs, one of them being that everything we produce meets or exceeds UK building regulation standards. This is regardless of whether the client specifies for the building to be certified by building control, because we want to ensure that everything we deliver is of the best quality for our clients and will stand the test of time.

Every structural aspect of a Hawksbeck garden room has BBA approval. Our Structurally Insulated Panel system (SIPS) i.e. the walls, floor and roof that form the structure of the building, are all certified by the BBA.  Our foundations and even our plasterboard have BBA approval.

Having this approval allows us to be confident that we can deliver not only a product that meets our crucial business fundamentals but will continue to meet them in the years to come.

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