Deciding to have a garden room constructed on your Essex or London property can be a big decision, with the value of your home on the line. There are many different ways a garden room can add value to both your property and your life, but only if your garden room is built to proper building standards. The value of your garden room will depend on the quality of the build, and the purpose it is built for. For garden rooms built in Essex and London, you can add considerable value to your house.

The pandemic forced many of us to reassess our homes and the space we have available to us. Some people decided they needed a home gym, a new office space, or more room for existing (or upcoming) family members. For homes that have already capitalised on loft conversions and extensions, a garden room is the next best option to add more space and value to your home. Much like extensions and lofts, the true value of any additional space relies on how it has been built and the amount of space it adds.

A fully insulated garden room, which is built to building regulations, can be used as a guest annexe. This adds another bedroom and bathroom to your property, which can add substantial value to the overall cost of your home. A guest annexe in a garden room gives much more privacy than a loft conversion guest bedroom, allowing your guests to enjoy their time with you without feeling like they are invading your personal space. The value a garden room guest annexe can add can be both personal and financial.

garden room gym
Small garden room

If you choose to have an uninsulated garden room, like a garden shed or outbuilding, this will not add as much financial value to your property. This space will be restricted to being used as storage, as it will not be safe to live in or sleep in. A poor-quality garden room that doesn’t meet building regulations will also be regarded as lesser than one that does, so for minimal extra cost you will benefit for choosing a garden room provider that builds to building regulations.

However, you do not have to have a guest annexe, you can choose to have a full gym or office space with a shower room or small toilet. These are valuable to those who may not have the time to go to the gym following long commutes to work or prefer working out by themselves. The value of your garden room also depends on the person using it! The best part of having a garden room from Hawksbeck, is that they are built for life (minimum 60 years!), so you can keep on adapting your garden room to your changing needs, or the needs of the next homeowner.

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