There is an art studio garden room suitable for everyone – whether you are a skilled and esteemed artist working within the industry, or you are a home-based artist into crafts and expanding on your creative hobbies. Here, we discuss the main benefits of having your own art studio in the garden no matter if art is a job or simply a hobby.

Get creative in your own space

It is a well-known fact that the sunshine helps boost productivity and mood, but did you also know it boosts creativity? Alongside vitamin D, melatonin and the crucial serotonin, the sunlight has a positive effect on mental health and boosts mood to reduce anxiety and depression. Our bespoke garden room can be made with bifolding doors and extra windows which are the best ways to let the sunlight into your art studio garden room. Sunlight paired alongside the creative arts is sure to not only give your productivity and creativity a boost but also your mental health!

Keep your home clean and your family safe

Sometimes getting creative means making a mess and adapting to an existing room in your home may not be the best option. Both children, pets and your home furnishings can be placed in danger if a paint pot is left unattended, so ensure the safety of your family and home surroundings by taking your craft into an art studio in your garden.

art studio in garden
garden art room

The necessary storage

Depending on the size of your home, it can be difficult to store everything you need. Easels, canvases, and paint can large and bulky so storing equipment and embellishments can be tricky. With an art studio garden room, everything is in one place and stored efficiently. This means you don’t have to go digging out your supplies and equipment at home and everything is on hand, cutting out the time needed to find everything and set it down ready to work. So not only is the storage space in a garden room art studio useful, but it also may help you work more efficiently. Our garden rooms are completely bespoke, so the amount of storage and the storage design is completely in your hands!

It’s a financial investment

With the prices increasing each year, it is becoming more and more expensive to rent out art studios or even just a space you can use for your own art. With a luxury and bespoke art studio in your garden, that space is now your space and owned completely by you. You own it forever and never have to pay rent, in turn making a creative garden space a great investment in the grander scheme of things! It also can be used as an opportunity to rent to other creatives for their own space to express themselves.

Are you looking to have your own art studio in your garden? Look no further than Hawksbeck Garden Rooms. We create bespoke and luxurious garden rooms with a lifetime guarantee which means our garden rooms grow and evolve as you do! You might not want your garden room to be an art studio forever, so you can easily change your garden space into whatever you need it to be. We would love to talk to you about your garden room requirements! Please contact us on 01277 414586 or email us at