Children flying the nest is sadly at some point inevitable, however with the rising cost of living prices, expensive renting costs and extortionate first-time buyers’ house prices, reaching this big milestone and starting new beginnings away from the family home for many young adults is one that is just out of reach. This can often be a cause of great stress and anxiety, as well as a massive stretch financially. Research suggests that many young adults are opting to stay at home for longer to avoid renting to save for a mortgage, with the average age of young adults moving out for the first time in the UK being 24.6 years old.

Investing in a garden room annexe

As a parent, you want the best for your grown-up children and to support them through any big milestone like moving out, however, we understand that handing them a house is often out of the question. A more affordable option in the short term would be to consider investing in a garden room annexe. At Hawkbeck garden rooms, we can create the perfect garden annexe, providing your grown-up child with their very own space and giving them a newfound sense of freedom.  There are many other benefits that come with a garden room annexe, such as having parents a short walk down the garden as well as taking the stress and financial strain of renting away whilst helping them to save for their first mortgage.

Garden room with cedar cladding
Garden annex with bedroom

Luxury garden room annexes built to building regulation standards

At Hawkbeck we pride ourselves on creating garden annexes that are not only aesthetically stunning and built to the highest of quality but also safe and secure, so you can sleep easy knowing your grown-up child or children are safe whilst living in their garden annexe. How can we ensure your child’s safety you ask? All our garden room designs are built to building regulation standards, ensuring fire safety standards and other standard building requirements are met just like a regular home.

At Hawksbeck we work with a team of accredited professional architects, that are responsible for bringing your bespoke garden annexe to life. The benefits of working closely with architects during the design process allow you to oversee the whole design process to ensure your bespoke annexe design dreams are reached. Our experts can also guide you through any planning permission requirements that may be needed for your garden room annexe.

Why choose Hawksbeck for your garden room annexe?

Hawkbeck garden rooms offer a vast range of bespoke exterior and interior design options available for you to choose from. Our detailed design process provides you with the opportunity to create a stunning garden room exterior and interior living features like fully functional kitchens and bathrooms, creating the ultimate grown-up pad for your not-so-little children. The perfect space for them to entertain friends and even host dinner for their parents now and then.

Are you considering creating a garden annexe for your grown-up children, to provide them with the opportunity to move out without the stress, anxiety, and financial strain?

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