We’re addressing a big question this month, which we are asked frequently within the construction industry. What is the difference between a garden room and a garden shed? There are many differences between these two garden buildings which make them suitable for different gardens, budgets, and purposes.

A garden shed is typically a small garden building that is built to last for a shorter length of time. Usually constructed from panels of wood or MDF, a garden shed is not insulated and can be damaged in bad weather. They are great for storing outdoor furniture in the winter and any tools you need to maintain your garden or home (for example, a lawnmower).

A garden room is an insulated gardening build space which complies with building regulations – essentially having to pass all the living checks that your house goes through! Unlike a shed, it is a space that is built to be lived in, whether that is as an office, and annexe, or a home gym. A garden room can have multiple rooms inside it too, allowing you to have a living space and a storage space that is durable throughout winter storms. It is also fireproof, with smoke detectors, vapour barriers and breathable membranes – making it a perfect, safe, living environment.

A main difference between garden sheds and luxury garden rooms is the level of insulation. You can choose to have an insulated garden shed which will keep the temperature within the shed steadier than an uninsulated shed. However, this does not guarantee a garden shed will be warm or cool in any season, it simply lessens the extremes.

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A garden room is fully insulated, especially at Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, with our garden rooms being built using Structurally Insulated Panel’s. These are one of the highest insulating materials in the construction industry currently, ensuring your garden room is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A Hawksbeck Garden Room also has proper foundations giving it unparalleled structural strength that makes it durable for 60 years.

Another point worth mentioning is the eco-footprint of both garden rooms and garden sheds. Garden sheds have a short-term durability of maximum 5-10 years. A garden room can last over 60 years, and whilst there are more materials used to build a garden room initially, the eco-footprint is lesser than that of a garden shed. At Hawksbeck, we use 65% less timber than other garden room providers, and our materials are sourced from a carbon neutral production facility, making our garden rooms 100% recyclable eco-builds.

In summary, a garden shed is a great option if you are looking for a quick solution to storing large items, tools, or garden furniture. They will last a handful of years, and there will always be a risk of damage when there is heavy weather. They are also not an option for people to live in, as this would need to pass building regulations. A garden room is much more durable and allows you to live in, or for you to rent out, the space inside. The higher level of insulation essentially makes a garden room a small living quarter, which can have a storage room within it should you choose.

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