It is every home-owners worst nightmare – investing a large sum of money into building works, only to be let down by the company providing the build. When it comes to building the best garden room, there are several aspects to look out for when choosing your garden room provider. We have compiled our checklist for choosing a great garden room company!

  1. Research their projects & clients

Any reputable garden room supplier will have a solid collection of case studies and completed projects. Take a look at their style of projects, and whether what you want can be completed by their teams or has been completed before. Check out their social media accounts too and see if they have any active builds currently that they are documenting. Perhaps there may be a garden room project nearby that you can visit.  Most reputable companies use social media to showcase their projects and document behind-the-scenes of their current projects!

  1. Testimonials

With established garden room companies who have been trading for a while, it is worth looking at their testimonials and reviews on other platforms. For example, most businesses will have testimonials on their website which will show their business in a positive light. Platforms like TrustPilot or even google my business will show honest reviews about the company, good or bad, which cannot be controlled by the business. You can also ask to speak to a previous client that used the company for their garden room and discuss how they found the design and build process with them.  Visit at least one to two references to see the quality and finish of the garden room.

  1. Built to Last

At Hawksbeck we use only the best materials to construct our bespoke garden rooms. Each garden room is built using Structurally Insulated Panel’s, which offer unparalleled levels of insulation for your new space. We also make sure that our SIP’s are produced in a carbon neutral facility, keeping our ecological footprint to the bare minimum. Our materials are 100% recyclable too, using 65% less timber than traditional materials, and creating 90% less site wastage.

Our projects meet building regulation standards, meaning you can live inside your garden room. Many garden room companies do not build to building regulation standards, making it illegal to live within them. Make sure to check your garden room provider builds to this high standard, allowing you to live in your garden room should you so choose!

  1. Aftercare Service & Warranties

An important aspect to consider is the level of aftercare offered by the garden room provider. A Hawksbeck Garden Room can come with an independently backed deposit and warranty scheme from IWA, which lasts for ten years. Always check your contract to see what you are covered for, should any issues arise post-completion.

Most importantly, research your garden room company as much as possible! Every company will have their company details online, including their financial records and any previous liquidations. Make sure you choose a garden room supplier, which has a strong background, with good finances that will ensure they won’t liquidate during your build.

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms is a reliable garden room provider, which provides a full design and build service with a ten-year warranty following completion. Call the Hawksbeck team on 01277 414 586 to discuss your bespoke garden room project with us today!