There are many aspects of summer to love, like the gorgeous warm weather, long evenings, and several bank holidays! When you have a garden room you can use it for many purposes in the summer months, including hosting friends and family, having your own personal gym, or creating a social space to enjoy. However, many people worry about how to control the temperature of their garden room, especially in the summer months when many houses or garden rooms get too hot to stay in. At Hawksbeck there are several ways they design their bespoke garden rooms to keep them cool in the summer.

Firstly, your Hawksbeck Garden Room will be better insulated than other garden buildings, as they are constructed with Structurally Insulated Panel’s. These panels have a low U-value, retaining heat and keeping your garden room warm in the winter. The SIP’s make a garden room a better option than a conservatory space or a garden shed, as they allow your garden building to meet building regulations so that you can live inside them. Of course, they also make your garden room more environmentally friendly and reduce the cost of your energy bills!

You can have air conditioning units installed inside your garden room to help keep it a cool temperature in the summer months. No matter what you are using your garden room for, this can be useful all year round too! For those who have opted for a home gym, an air conditioning unit can help to keep your garden room temperate whilst you work out and exercise. An air conditioning unit is much more effective than a fan, as it creates cooler air, rather than moving existing air around your garden room.

large garden room with bi-fold doors
Garden room office in Essex

Another easy way to keep your bespoke garden room cool is with your choice of glazing options. There are several different types of glazing you can choose from, with different sizes and positioning. You can choose to have wide sliding doors at the front of your garden room, or bifold doors that open to your garden space to create a cohesive flow from the inside to the outside. If you prefer something more discrete, you can have French patio doors or single panel doors. Depending on the type of garden room you choose, you can even have a porch outside your door for a cosy feeling and modern aesthetic!

There are many ways to keep your garden room cool in the summer months, with their high-quality design and materials they do not overheat like garden sheds or outbuildings. Of course, the insulation from the Structurally Insulated Panel’s ensures a high level of insulation which keeps a garden room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A Hawksbeck Garden Room is a great investment all year, for whatever purpose you are using it for!

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