Modern garden room design ideas and key elements that define a ‘Modern’ design

A garden room can be a wonderful asset to any home, providing extra living or working space and even guest accommodation.  For some homeowners, a garden room that has been designed with a modern twist can also create a standout garden feature as well as add value to a property when it is time to sell. Hawksbeck are pioneers in luxury, modern garden room designs and each and every garden room in our range can have a design plan and be built with customised options.  In fact, our Modern and Signature ranges are ideal for homeowners looking for a stunning, modern garden room design.

Clean lines 

As the name suggests, this element is self-explanatory and is simply about a design outline that incorporates the use of clean-cut, crisp straight lines. Sharp lines are fundamental elements within Hawkbecks ‘Modern’ and ‘Signature’ garden room ranges. Explore these two ranges if you’re looking to create an inviting modern space.  Our signature range also includes a modern sliding panel for extra privacy and ultimate luxury.

Cladding and glazing

The use of materials such as natural wood, paired with glass is a favourable modern design choice. Any garden room from Hawksbeck can be customised, including the choice of cladding.  If you are looking for a wooden choice, your garden room can be cladded in either natural cedar wood or larch. Both cladding options add softness to the garden room’s exterior and with a choice of colours, help it to blend better into its garden surroundings. Composite cladding is another fantastic choice for a modern garden room.  Available in a large range of colour choices, this type of cladding is also very durable too.  For a breathtaking, modern look, consider the use of bespoke windows or large panels of glazing to help flood the space with natural light.

Small garden room in Essex

Minimal interior decor

Try to create a clutter-free space, which prioritises function over fashion. Simplicity and space are key to modern design so when furnishing your garden room space try to avoid unnecessary trinket flourishes and opt for furniture or cupboards with built-in storage.

Natural colour palette

Cohesive monochromatic colour palettes are a favourable choice within a traditional modern design. Think soft, calming natural colours like whites, greys, neutrals, black, soft greens, and colours that reflect nature. These colours will help to open up your garden room space and better reflect the room’s natural light.  This in turn creates a space that is light, airy and most importantly calming and relaxing.

Open plan

No modern garden room space is complete without that all-important open floor plan. When designing your new garden room look to create a space that is open plan, using furniture rather than walls to separate zones within the space. For example, if you are having a kitchen installed in your garden room, add an island or table to separate the kitchen from the dining space. Using a sectional sofa to define a seating zone also adds separation to your open-plan living room. Having spaces that are open help to optimise better flow throughout the entire room, it also encourages social interaction.

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