Contemporary Garden Room – Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Our newest case study features our Signature garden room, with a custom sliding shutter on the front exterior face of the contemporary garden room. Built in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, this modern garden room functions as an office space for our clients, as well as a small gym and social space! This bespoke garden room meets every need, with a stylish, refined, and spacious aesthetic that will have our clients, and our clients’ guests, thoroughly impressed!

The exterior of this garden room is truly special, with our signature range being one of the most eye-catching modern garden rooms we offer. For this particular project, the exterior is clad in larch and dura cladding, with the exterior soffit also featuring larch cladding with an aluminium fasica trim. The recessed porch area creates shade when entering the garden room and is also an impressive design feature with the custom sliding panel!

On the inside, this contemporary garden room is a stylish multi-functional living space that is equipped for several different purposes. To the left, we have fitted mirrors on the entirety of the left wall. This has created a small gym space equipped with an exercise bike, which can easily be adapted and changed to suit specific workouts they would like to complete. The mirrored wall makes this garden room seem even bigger than it is, measuring at 31.5 sqm, but feeling much larger on the inside.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

In the centre of this garden room is a relaxed social area, with a mounted TV, a taupe sofa and velvet turquoise armchairs. Every piece of furniture is luxurious, matching the high-quality build our teams consistently provide when constructing a Hawksbeck Garden Room. The rich colours of the armchairs and the dark blue cabinet give depth to the interior, balancing out the paler colours used inside.

The office space to the right of the garden room interior hosts the lighter colours, with the desk and shelves being a brilliant white colour. The black office chairs help to balance this, creating a typical monochrome-style office for our clients to work from.

The natural light coming in through the front façade is incredibly important for working spaces, so designing the office space to sit directly in front of the sliding door is a great design choice. When the sun is too direct, our clients can move the custom sliding panel to provide some relief from the sun rays! For the hotter months, our clients also chose to have a Wifi-controlled air conditioning unit installed, to help regulate the temperature in their new space even when the sunlight is streaming in.

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms were delighted to construct the first signature room for our clients and have several more signature garden rooms lined up this year! If you would like to have your own custom-built garden room, don’t hesitate to get in touch by contacting us on 01277 414 586 today!

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