The winter months can be long, uninspiring, and depressing, especially in England! The arrival of spring is celebrated by all with lighter evenings giving many of us more energy and boosting our mood. Spring cleaning is a therapeutic process where you can streamline your home, ridding yourself of unwanted belongings and clearing away the winter debris. Your garden needs to be deep cleaned too and can leave you wondering what you can do with your garden space. Considering an insulated garden room now gives you enough time to enjoy it this summer!

If you are not a keen gardener, the arrival of Spring may be a much calmer time of year, without deadheading flowers, cutting back trees or priming your soil for new growth. Even if you do not enjoy gardening, you will probably start to look forward to spending more time outside in the nicer weather, spending evenings in your garden. If you are unsure what to do with your garden to prepare for the warmer months, it is the perfect time to consider having a garden room.

As you clear away any debris lingering from winter storms, think about how much use you currently get from your garden area. Do you have dead space? Could your land be better used? A fully insulated garden room can give you a new habitable space that can be used for many different purposes and uses such as an office, gym, music studio, games room or annex. If you are unable to have a loft conversion, or don’t want the hassle of a home extension, a garden room is a great way to add another living area for you, your family, and your guests.

large garden room gym and decking surround
Garden room gym studio

At Hawksbeck, we only build fully insulated garden rooms that meet building regulations which make them habitable. You can create a guest annexe from your unused garden space, without the issues typically faced by home renovations. Forget the disruption and lengthy delays, with a garden room you will have your new living space in a matter of weeks! With full garden room insulation, your space will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, perfect for all seasons.

Of course, a garden room is not just about the garden room itself. With our Ultimate range, you can have a porch area that can provide overhead cover for a hot tub, or an outdoor fire pit and seating. You can re-landscape your garden surrounding your garden room, creating a whole new outdoor space. Our building teams can do garden landscaping for you whilst constructing your garden room, so you don’t have to spend hours finding someone to do it for you!

Springtime is the best time to think about having a garden room, as you plan your year ahead and the different living spaces you need to host events, enjoy the summer and then prepare for a cold winter again! An insulated garden room is the best option for you, being multi-purpose and perfect for all types of summer hosting.

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