We have completed several small garden rooms in Essex that have been perfectly decorated by our clients. They have been used as gyms, offices and hobby spaces, each being highly personalised to our clients’ needs and aesthetic preferences.

Our case study on Fairfield Road, Epping, is a perfect example of how a small garden room in Essex can function as a home office in wake of the pandemic. After the past year, we have all realised how important it is to have a separate space to work from when working at home. A small garden office room can provide you with a brightly lit space to work from, being a good distance away from other family members in the home and the stresses of home life.

Your small garden office can be fully kitted out with the latest technology, with as many electrical sockets as you need and our team being able to mount any flat screen tv’s or monitors to the walls. This space can be tailored to whichever industry you work in, whether you are launching your own business and need space to be creative and make products, or purely need a desk space to type up reports. You can choose how many lights you have, what type of lights, glazing, storage space and if you need a bathroom or restroom in your small garden room in Essex.

Another way you could use your small garden room would be to have your own small garden gym, much like our clients on York Road in Benfleet. Their garden room gym is equipped with an exercise bench, treadmill and weights. For a smaller garden gym space, you can line the walls with mirrors, which will make your garden room appear larger whilst also fitting in perfectly with a gym interior. You can check your form and enjoy the appearance of lots of space! This is a great option if you want to keep as much garden space as possible but want the benefits of a small garden gym in Essex.

If a gym is not to your tastes, why not use your small garden room as a hobby space? That is exactly what our client, Barbara, chose to do with her small garden room! Barbara decorated her space with comfy chairs and space to sit down, read and enjoy the beautiful sunlight streaming into her garden room. Equally, another one of our clients used their small Essex garden room to pursue their love of sewing and haberdashery. When we say our garden rooms are multi-functional – we absolutely mean it, no matter the size!

If you are interested in having a small garden office or small garden gym in Essex, contact the Hawksbeck team today on 01277 414586 to discuss how we can make your garden come to life.